Help keep water clean at work

Help improve storage of chemicals and reduce amounts of chemicals stored and switch to safer products when possible.

At your place of work or business you can help to keep our drinking water sources clean.

Here are some ways you can help:

  • Keep floor drains and contaminants separated.
  • Store chemicals well.
  • Find alternatives to harmful chemicals.
  • Reduce what is on site. Reduce how much is stored and store only essential products.
  • Maintain a spills prevention plan.
  • Train staff about ways they can help to prevent spills and protect local drinking water.
  • Keep absorbent kits that can be used to protect and contain any spill that does occur.
  • Add secondary containment.
  • Ensure storage containers include self-containment if there is a spill and that there is capacity to store the spill as well as having the equipment on site to handle a spill if a spill does occur.
  • Include oil, water entrapment systems onto drains.

Download this fact sheet about protecting water at your industrial or commercial business enterprise: Industry Best Management Practices Fact Sheet

Site map for the Keeping Water Clean website:

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