Properly dispose of household hazardous waste

Provide hazardous waste at municipal depots or waste days for proper disposal.

Keep water clean by properly disposing of hazardous waste

You can help keep local drinking water sources safe and clean. One way you can do this is to properly dispose of household hazardous waste.

Find out from your municipality where there is a hazardous waste depot of if they are having a hazardous waste day. Some companies provide recycling depots.

At home, look for products that are less harmful (vinegar is a great cleaning agent!). If you have paint or supplies you no longer need properly dispose of them – it will free up some space in your home and prevent the chance of a spill and water contamination during a flood or weather event. Use rechargeable batteries and properly dispose of used batteries when they are no good.

For more ideas download a fact sheet on waste at this link: Properly disposing of hazardous waste

If you live in Huron County, the fact sheet for household hazardous waste disposal is located at this link: Waste management

If you live in the Municipality of North Perth visit this page: Hazardous waste disposal

You may also find hazardous waste collection sites at this link: Make the Drop

Waste that is stored or disposed could leach into the ground and into aquifers that provide the source of water for your municipal wells. It could also reach surface water like creeks, rivers, and the lake.

Contaminants in waste that are of particular concern include: Arsenic; Barium; Cadmium; Lead; Mercury; and PCBs.

Thanks for helping to reduce storage of paints and other fluids and properly disposing of hazardous waste to keep our municipal drinking water sources safe and clean.

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